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An invitation
 to experience Reiki 


Usui Shiki Ryoho is the name given to our simple form of hands-on and distant Reiki healing  for self, others, animals, plants and situations. You are invited to experience it with Reiki masters Margaret Pauffley and Paul Dennis.

Margaret Pauffley:

"Reiki never ceases to amaze me.  I have experienced so much which is way beyond explanations.  My logical, sometimes sceptical,  mind has struggled with this and still
occasionally cries out, "How can you trust  something you cannot understand?
How can you teach something you cannot explain?"

I do not need to understand.  I just 'know'.  When I share Reiki with others through
treatments or classes, I connect with the part of them that 'knows'.
It is incredibly beautiful, awesome, infinitely  loving.
It gives me the impetus and courage to go deeper into my own healing, to accept and reveal all of myself, and support others to do the same. "

Paul Dennis:

"I first met Reiki in Hawaii when I was urgently seeking help with my problems of wild swings of mood. I had become adept at receiving help from therapists, Gurus and mentors, but what was missing was my own ability to respond to my condition and to do my bit.

Giving myself Reiki has helped me enormously to come to terms with myself, and  I have learned the vital importance of being as honest as possible with myself and open with others, rather than trying to "look good".

So it is a great gift to be able to give my students this way of helping ourselves and others on our  journey in life."

We belong to  the Reiki Alliance, a global organisation Reiki Masters. The Alliance was set up by Phyllis Furumoto and most of  Mrs. Takata's Masters in 1983 to preserve  the full tradition and wisdom of the Usui System that Mrs. Takata taught.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word which draws two of Life's big mysteries in "picture" form:

Rei: The invisible source of all being.( and of Ki.)

Ki:  Life Essence. That which creates, nurtures and sustains all living things.

Who can benefit from Reiki?

Everyone who wishes to receive Reiki healing, whatever their reasons or situation.

No special talents are needed, only a willingness to receive.

How can you experience Reiki?

Reiki can be experienced by means of a hands-on treatment or by a distance treatment in which
energy is drawn through someone who is tuned in to Reiki, and directed to wherever it is needed by your own innate wisdom.

A Hands-on Reiki treatment

involves  laying fully clothed on a massage couch and being gently touched on about 14 positions on the head and body.
Hands are kept still in each position for about five minutes.
This  activates and  enhances your innate healing intelligence;  so healing occurs wherever it  is most needed. This includes the heart, mind and soul as well as the body.

The person giving the treatment does not diagnose or try to control what happens,

Alternatively you can choose to learn Reiki yourself and then use it for self-treatment and to support you in your life. 

You and Reiki

Reiki is a form of healing using gentle touch. You can use it on yourself as well as on others.

Reiki is a  simple and practical way to help us use more of, and  connect more deeply with, our own source and essence.

This can make a big difference in all areas of our  lives; both to the every day practical stresses and strains, and to the profound mysteries of  our souls.

Reiki can be used as a tool for personal growth,  as a healing technique, and as a regular spiritual practice. The  choice is yours.

How can Reiki help you?

Reiki works on all levels - body, mind, heart and soul.

Each person's experience of Reiki is different, for each person is unique.
Who can learn Reiki?

Anyone, from children of 5 to people in the last stages of their lives. It is not necessary tohave any special knowledge, experience or talents, intellectual or psychic ability, or any particular belief system. It is not even necessary to believe in Reiki, although experience of using it soon makes it hard to deny its existence, even if it remains an unexplainable mystery.

During our  twelve years  as Reiki Masters, we have taught children as young as 7 and people well into their 70s.

No " special"  abilities, knowledge, experience, or  beliefs are necessary; only a desire to learn.


One of the greatest treasures and challenges  of  Reiki is its simplicity .

How can you learn Reiki?

Reiki is today normally taught in three stages or degrees, each whole in itself.

The First Stage enables, a person to start using Reiki and go with it as far and as fast as they want.

The Second Stage takes the student deeper into their connection with Reiki in particular ways.

The Third Stage is the Master level which is a lifelong apprenticeship in teaching and practising Reiki..

The most important parts of each stage are called the initiations. This means new beginnings and abilities.

These are also called attunements, and are just that - a tuning in to the Reiki energy which brings about a remembrance and a reawakening of the healing capacity and transformational powers accessible to each person.

Reiki 1- First Degree Reiki.

To be able to use Reiki in your life does not require a lot of studying or mind learning.

All you need are four initiations which enable the Reiki to work through our hands whenever you touch yourself or another with loving, healing intent.

First Degree Reiki

is for those who want to start using Reiki.
We normally teach First Degree in  4 three-hour sessions on consecutive days, over a long weekend or  during the week.

The  class  includes four initiations which  are short ceremonies shared by Reiki Masters with each student. We allow plenty of time for  students to practise  giving Reiki to themselves and to each other.  We also cover giving Reiki to animals, to plants, to  situations and in our everyday lives.

By the end of the class, students have all that they need to use and practice Reiki for life.

The  cost is 125.

Reiki 2 workshops - Second Degree

Students- who have experienced the power of Reiki in their lives for some time can choose to accelerate and deepen their commitment to bringing about balance and growth by going on to the second stage. They learn techniques for furthering mental and emotional healing and for sending Reiki outside time and space for example to people or situations in other parts of the world, to their own past or to future events.

Second Degree

is for those who have been using Reiki for some time and  have a burning desire to go deeper.
This involves a further initiation, learning the three Reiki symbols,  and how to use them:  to enhance treatments, for personal growth, and for  "distant" healing of many kinds, both with people and with situations.

Continuing support

We are there to support our students after the classes.
We encourage students to  participate in Reiki  sharing groups or  to find a partner for regular swaps and  provide local contacts if possible.

A Reiki Association exists in the UK  which is open to all.
We can also provide  overseas contacts globally through the Reiki Alliance.

Further information

For further information about Reiki and Margaret and Paul's classes please write to

27 Lavington Road,
W13 9NN

Telephone/fax:    020 8579 3813

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