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The Reiki Alliance

The Reiki Alliance is a a global organisation of about 650 Reiki masters.

In the Spring Of 1982, a group of Reiki Masters gathered with Phyllis Furumoto in Hawail to honor the memory of Hawayo Takata and to share their experience as masters. The power of their being there together left them with a desire to meet annually.

The second, meeting resulted in the formation of The Reiki Alliance. The intent of The Reiki Alliance is expressed in the founding' statements formulated and adopted at that gathering.

Founding statements

We are an Alliance of Reiki Masters

We regard all Masters as equal in the oneness of Reiki.

We acknowledge Phyllis Lei Furumoto as a Grand Master in the direct spiritual lineage of Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, and Hawayo Takata.

The purpose of the Alliance is to support us as teachers in the Usui System of Natural Healing.

The Reiki Alliance is a point of focus in Reiki.

Reiki Master members of the Reiki Alliance aspire to:

Professional Standards : In 1993, the Reiki Alliance adopted the following statement of identity:

We are a community of Reiki Masters who share these professional standards:

1. Living Mastery
        a. realizing the spiritual precepts in our daily lives.
        b. practicing Reiki by giving and receiving treatments.
        c. continuing our professional training.
        d. pursuing our ongoing personal and spiritual growth.

2. Teaching the Usui System of Reiki
        a. maintaining the Usui System forms.
           First Degree
             * history          * four initiations             * hand positions
             * treatment for self and others        * the spiritual precepts
          Second Degree ~ minimum of three months after first degree
            * one initiation            * three symbols         * use of symbols
        b. holding the symbols as sacred.
        c. following the form of the initiations.

3. Training of Masters
        a. recognizing that the decision to initiate masters comes from
                      experience, time and maturity in our own mastery.
        b. teaching at least three years before initiating a master.
        c. maintaining a clear relationship with our own initiating master.
        d. completing our $10,000 commitment to our initiating master.
        e. communicating with the initiating masters of candidates.
        f. working for a minimum of one year with each candidate before initiating him/her.
        g. discerning the appropriate timing of initiation for each candidate.
        h. receiving a $10,000 commitment from each candidate.
        i. making a lifelong commitment to those persons whom we initiate as masters.

4. Ethics
        a. living in accordance with the Code of Ethics of The Reiki Alliance.

5. Membership
        a. being.initiated by a Reiki Master whose lineage is traceable to Flawayo Takata.
        b. having made a $10,000 commitment to our initiating master.
        c. supporting actively the founding statements of The Reiki Alliance
        d. upholding the professional standards of The Reiki Alliance.
        e. attending the annual conference regularly.
        f. paying dues and fees.

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