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The word Reiki (pronounced ray key) is Japanese. It is the amalgamation of two words,

"rei" which means both universal in the sense of omnipresent and all-encompassing, and also spiritual wisdom, and

"ki" which means the same as prana in Sanskrit,or chi in Chinese; the vital life force within everything alive.

Reiki can be translated as "spiritually guided life force ". It creates and sustains everything in existence and can be used to transform, re-create and heal.

Reiki is also the one-word descriptive name for an Art of Natural Healing which was discovered and developed about one hundred years ago in Japan through the dedication and experience of Mikao Usui. 

It is a simple-to-learn, easy to practice way of experiencing Reiki in daily life o restore health and harmony to the body, mind, heart and soul.




Phyllis  Lei Furumoto says:

   In my experience Reiki energy is not directed by me or controlled by me. I place my hands on myself  and the energy moves through my body. I can actually feel a physical sensation of warmth and sometimes, tingling. It is as though I can feel the blood moving through my vessels. This is one of the gifts of Reiki - to experience the energy instead of having to "have the faith" that energy is present. It is similar to feeling the wind on your face and body instead of standing in a house where you can only see the effects of the wind.

Another gift of Reiki is the feeling of being reconnected to my source of energy. Some people have described it as coming home; some say it is like being plugged in again. I have the sense that I knew this feeling in the past and now am fully in touch with the energy again, without efforting.

When I feel whole it is easy to love myself When I find that place in myself, it is also the part of me that is able to love each human being as a part of myself.

In Reiki you are given the gift of having your memory and your innate power reawakened.

Phyllis  Lei Furumoto

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